DAX Staffing Approach

The DAX approach to delivering our services encompass complete safety implementation and management, staffing assistance for your construction project and providing consulting services to assist company leadership with the many stages of project management.

Temporary Staffing:

We do the recruiting, qualifying, screening, interviewing, training and hiring. We are responsible for benefits, salaries, federal & state withholding, social security & medicare taxes, workers compensation costs, unemployment taxes and insurances.

The true costs of hiring verses staffing has many hidden variables and is more than just an hourly wage. Human resources must recruit, qualify, screen resumes, hold interviews, plus 2nd or 3rd interviews, background checks, credit and employment checks, negotiate salary, benefits for health, pension and union payments, vacations and orientation and training, and do it all over again if they resign or terminate.

With Dax Safety & Staffing Solutions, LLC. One hourly wage is what you pay. We can provide your estimate for staffing within 24 hours of request.